At March 5’s Serve Day, we sent 319 people out on 15 service projects throughout LA County, including 87 children and youth serving!  Thank you for being a part of it!  Click here to see the pictures on Facebook!

All of these projects and community partnerships are made possible through your generous giving to Faith Missions.  This Sunday, March 12, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about the life-changing work God is doing through our local Faith Missions partners.  We hope you’ll also consider making a Faith Missions gift!  100% of that gift is given to 16 local partners and 16 global partners in grants ranging from $500 – $17,000.

Here’s a bit of LCPC Budget 101: While a small portion of your general offering (or “ministry budget” giving) supports our outreach work, the majority of funds we give to our outreach partners comes from designated giving like “Faith Missions” (with a goal to raise $200,000 each year) and “Christmas Market” (which raised over $100,000 last year). That means you, as individual givers, decide how much we as a church get to give to our local and global partners.

That is quite a statement! Rather than simply asking you to give to the ministry budget, the church is asking you to make outreach a priority in your giving. We believe we’re called to care not just for the people in our church, but the community and the world – and we want you to be a part of that.

For that reason,  you have received by mail and will receive in your bulletin Sunday a Faith Missions brochure and an I Will Promise Card.  We are asking you to consider both a “Ministry Budget” promise and a “Faith Missions” promise for the upcoming year. The two work together – first, help support the vital ministries at LCPC that equip us to be Christ’s people in the world; then help us send out much-needed resources to our local and global outreach partners.

In addition to giving, we also hope you’ll consider going to serve the poor and underserved in our community.  There will be opportunities to sign up this Sunday at our local outreach partner booths on the patio.  But you can read about and register for all of these SERVEOpps here.

Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you to serve our awesome, compassionate, grace-filled God who loves the world and calls us to do the same.