Shoebox Volunteers needed.  Volunteers needed Sundays 10/15-11/12 to help pass out empty shoeboxes to be filled for Operation Christmas Child.  Just show up at the table after worship!  INFO: Lauren Diehl,


It’s Operation Christmas Child time again at LCPC! Until November 19th, shoeboxes filled with necessities and toys will be collected in the Narthex and on the breezeway. Soon thereafter, the boxes, supplemented by Gospel story pamphlets in the local tongue, will be on their way to delighted children in over 100 countries.

Please consider being part of this ministry whose goals are to spread the good news and the joy of Christmas around the world and to warm children’s hearts! For more information or to volunteer to help, contact Lauren Diehl, (818) 790-7771, , or just come to the table in the Narthex.

Where do I get a shoebox? You can use your own empty standard size shoebox or a small plastic lidded container. Alternatively, on or after October 15th, you can pick up an easily assembled free “GO” box from the Narthex on Sundays or the breezeway during the week.

What gifts are suggested? School supplies, hygiene items, small toys (with extra batteries, if applicable), coloring books, t-shirts, socks, caps, hair clips, flashlights (with extra batteries), a personal note and photo. A small stuffy is always appreciated and loved.

What is prohibited? Candy, toothpaste, Used or damaged items, war-related items, foods, liquids and lotions, vitamins and medications, breakable items, aerosol cans.

Can I include a note? The children love receiving notes, drawings, and photographs in their boxes. (The adults delivering the boxes translate them.) It helps the kids realize that people in far-away countries love and care about them.  Some shoebox donors even receive a thank you note, so include your address!

What age group receives the fewest boxes? The fewest boxes are designated for 10-14 year old children, with those for 2-4 year olds only slightly higher.

How do I pay the $9 shipping expense? You can include a check payable to Samaritan’s Purse in the donation envelope in your box, or you can pay online (, print a label, and track the destination of your box. You will receive an email telling you the where your boxes were delivered!

How do I secure the box? Use two rubber bands. Don’t tape or wrap the box shut as its contents must be checked at the Donation Center.

When is the absolute deadline for turning in my box? The boxes will be delivered to the relay center on November 19th after the third service.

Can I make a contribution to pay for a box? Yes. Samaritan’s Purse suggests that you contribute $35 for each box you want made on your behalf. You can donate online or give your check payable to Samaritan’s Purse (not LCPC) to Lauren Diehl or another adult at the shoebox table.

How can I help? Distribute empty boxes and collect filled boxes in the Narthex after any Sunday service. Band and bag boxes in the breezeway after November services. Load the boxes into cars on November 19th. Transport boxes to the Glendale relay center that same day. Pray for the children receiving the boxes and for the persons donating boxes and volunteering their time and energy to this ministry.