What is Baptism?

At LCPC, we believe that as you commit to following Jesus Christ and join the church, this includes baptism. If you were baptized as a child, infant or adult in another recognized Christian Church, there is no need to be baptized a second time. We recognize the authenticity of that baptism if it was done “in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Please see the Presbyterian (USA) Book of Order for a more in depth explanation of our beliefs.

You can also read this sermon to learn more about Baptism: “Children of the Promise.”


To arrange the baptism of your children after you have joined LCPC, (if they have not already been baptized “in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”). You and your children or infant will need to meet with the Pastor doing the baptism in the week before the scheduled Sunday. Parents and children can be baptized together if desired.

Please note, we generally work with only one family at each service, and there are some Sundays on which we cannot have baptisms due to Communion or other special events.

Child Baptism Forms


If you are not a member of LCPC, please call Barbara Pettit at (818) 790-6708, X 215 to sign up to take the membership class first. After you have joined LCPC, you can then be baptized or have your child baptized in one of our worship services. If you have not received Christian baptism, adults in the class are baptized during a worship service of your choice.

Adult Baptism Forms


Our Youth Ministry has a special class for junior and senior high youth to prepare them for their baptism. The youth person needs to contact Rev. Kristin Leucht, Associate Pastor for Family Ministry, at 818-790-6708, X201 or kristin@lacanadapc.org.

Once you have fulfilled the steps as outlined above, for adult or child baptism, please contact Gloria Hill, Sr. Admin. Asst. at Gloria@lacanadapc.org or (818) 790-6708, X 220 to arrange a date for your baptism.