Testament Travelers is our Sunday program for elementary school age children who attend the 9:25 or 11:00 services. We believe that children learn in different ways and benefit from being exposed to Bible stories presented in a variety of formats.

After attending worship service with their parents for the first 10 or 15 minutes, the children are dismissed to the patio, where they are greeted by adult volunteers. Generally, we all meet together, 1st-6th grade in room 203 for announcements, Bible memory verse and music.  Then we spilt up by grade level for the Bible story, activities and discussion.   There is a chart outside room 206 that has their pick up locations and we try to keep that fairly consistent.

All children will be held in the classroom until a parent comes to pick them up. Please pick up your child by 10:45 AM or 12:25 AM after the worship service has ended.

A very important aspect of our children’s programs is helping them become aware of needs around the world and responding to those needs in a Christ-like manner. One way we do this every week is by collecting an offering that goes towards the Children’s Ministry Offering Project.  This year the project is supporting the Schwind family on the Mercy Ship.

Heather Henry, Director, Children’s Ministry
T: 818.790.6758 x252
E: heather@lacanadapc.org

Classroom Locations

Click here for a map of the Children’s Pavilion.

  • 7:55 Service
    Children attend the worship service with their parents
  • 9:25, 11:00
    Children go to worship with their parents and are dismissed to the Testament Travelers program after “Time for Young Christians” in the worship service.  Locations of where the specific classes are located each week are listed in the worship bulletin.