We were never intended to go it alone. God designed every one of us for community, and from the beginning, God said it was not good for humankind to be alone.  It is in authentic and caring community, a place of interactions and relationships, that we flourish and grow.

At LCPC, Small Groups are a place for women and men to experience the kind of authentic community that supports and encourages us in our spiritual growth. Caring communities that will celebrate our joys and successes with us, share our sorrows in times of loss, and create safe spaces to express our doubts and struggles are communities that nurture us and help us discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus in every area of our life.

Small Groups are open to men and women of all ages and all stages of their faith journey.  You might also consider starting a new group with a couple of friends, neighbors or acquaintances!  No Small Group looks exactly like another Small Group.  What works best for you?

Click HERE to register for a Small Group.

  • The size can be 3 or 4 people or as many as 8 to 10 people.
  • Do you want to meet evenings or mornings? Weekdays or weekends?
  • You can meet weekly or bi-monthly.
  • Do you want a couples’ group, a women’s group, a men’s group, a mixed group or a multi-generational group?

We can train you with all that you need to start and lead a Small Group that will fit with your schedule, and most importantly, help you develop another place of spiritual community, fellowship, and support for your walk with God.

NEW! Small Group Questions from Sunday Sermons! 

These Small Group questions are based on the Biblical text that is used in each Sunday’s Sermons.  They are also a great way to study scripture individually.


Shelley Irvine, Director, Spiritual Formation & Equipping
E: shelley@lacanadapc.org