Mission Statement:

We use our God-given talents in the musical, dramatic, visual and technical arts to share the beauty of God’s creation and love in worship ministries. In the service of the Arts we are disciples of Christ and a missional ministry, which reaches out to others within the church, and bringing others in our greater community and the world to Christ, through LCPC.

Prayers, participation and questions welcome!

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Chancel Choir
LCPC Orchestra
Praise Band
Drama Ministry
Exultate Ringers Handbell Choir
Children’s Choirs
Tech Ministry
Ovations Committee

Contact the Music & Worship Arts Staff: (818) 790-6708

Director, Music & Worship Arts
Jack D. Lantz, x223

Administrative Assistant

Assistant Director, Music & Worship Arts
Andrew Pratt, x241

Director, Drama Ministry
Justin S. Fisher, x304

Director, Exaltate Ringers Handbell Choir
Kemp Smeal

Director, Children’s Choirs
Judy Brock, x222

Technical Operations Manager
Ed Myers, x253