If you would like to become a member of La Canada Presbyterian Church, Begin the Journey Here is the first step. Offered several times a year, Begin the Journey Here is a class designed to help you identify where you are on the journey of following Jesus. It is a “next step” at LCPC and a requirement for membership. Learn more about church doctrine, its history and programs and make new friends along the way.

When you join LCPC, you are first affirming your desire to follow Jesus among this community of faith. But you are also signing on to work alongside many others to participate in the ministry and mission of LCPC as an organization. Both the communal and the organizational connections are important. But most of all we want to help you to know God and follow Jesus into a better life, while helping us and your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to do the same.

Thank you for joining us on the journey with Jesus and bringing the Kingdom of God to be real on earth as it is in heaven.”

Find out more at the information booth between services. Please be sure to request child care also if it is needed for your children.

Barbara Pettit
T: 818-790-6708, X 215
E: barbara@lacanadapc.org.

OR register HERE.

“Begin the Journey Here”  Upcoming Dates 

Sunday, November 5, 2017
12:30-4:30PM, Room 309, Demarest Family Life Center
Presentation to Session at November 13, 2017 meeting
Presentation to Congregation in November 19, 2017 worship services