In local outreach, we use our time, talents and resources to share the love of Christ with our neighbors in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout the United States overall. LCPC members serve regularly and provide ongoing financial support to about 19 local ministry partners that care for the poor and forgotten: providing shelter for the homeless and food for the hungry; educating children, youth and their parents; helping abused women and children; and providing safety and hope for at-risk youth. Here’s how you can get involved:

Local SERVEOpps
These local group service projects are a great way to serve and learn from the poor and underserved right here in LA County.  Click here to find out more, and check the bulletin for current opportunities in the coming months. Watch this video to learn more about serving locally at LCPC.

Serve Day
In addition to the twice-monthly SERVEOpps, we have an annual “Serve Day” to send out hundreds of people across LA County on multiple service projects. Serve Day 2017 was on March 5, during which we sent out 318 people on 14 different service projects ranging from meals for the homeless, to play days with kids in need, to construction, painting and gardening projects. Next year’s Serve Day 2018 will be on Sunday, May 6. Watch this video to see what you can expect.

Ongoing and One-on-One Service Opportunities
While SERVEOpps are a great introduction to our local outreach partners, real transformation takes place in ongoing relationships with them. Consider making deeper connections by giving an hour or more each week with these opportunities.

Give to “Faith Missions”

Through Faith Missions giving, we send out about $200,000 each year to 16 local and 16 global outreach partners in the form of grants ranging from $500-$20,000. “Faith Missions” giving is a gift you can make “above and beyond” your regular offering to the LCPC ministry budget. We believe we’re called to care not just for the people and ministries in our church, but the community and the world – and we want you to be a part of that. If you’d like to find out more about how to make “Faith Missions” giving part of your annual giving to LCPC, read more in the Faith Missions brochure and submit an I Will Promise Card, or click here to give online.

Give Resources or In-Kind Donations to Partners
If you are spring cleaning, consider giving these items  to our local outreach partners.

Become an advocate for one of our local ministry partners.
Each local ministry partner has one or more advocates at LCPC who keep in touch, convey needs to the local team, and encourage others to get involved in the ministry.  We are always looking for new advocates, and we can find you a partner whose ministry work fits with your interests. 

Local Outreach Team
The Local Outreach Team meets once a month to facilitate LCPC’s relationship with its local partners, especially by encouraging members of the LCPC family to engage directly with these local ministries.  You will be part of a team that helps financially and prayerfully support these partners, as well as help LCPC worshippers become Christ’s people among the poor and forgotten.

Pray for our local ministry partners.
Use our list of local partners  as your prayer guide. Or download a copy of our Local & Global Prayer Partners booklet here.