75th Anniversary Challenge Match!

Meet the 75th Anniversary Challenge Match


If you prefer to mail a check, please write your check to:

"LCPC"  and write "75th Anniversary Fund" in the "Memo" line

and mail to:

LCPC, 626 Foothill Blvd., La Canada, CA 91011

Attention: 75th Anniversary Fund

Thank you!

From Pastor Ross Purdy

I have the pleasure of announcing a special $100,000 Challenge Match endowed gift we have received from an anonymous donor in honor of LCPC’s 75th Anniversary. The purpose of the gift is to ensure both the short-term and long-term financial health of our ministry, now and for the next 75 years!


Here’s how the Challenge Match works: For every new $1 that you give to the 75th Anniversary Fund, the donor will give $1 to the LCPC Endowment, up to a total of $100,000.


The benefits of this gift are two-fold: #1, it will grow the LCPC Endowment by $100,000, proceeds of which will support LCPC ministry operations into perpetuity. PLUS, #2, it aims to inspire our congregation to give an additional $100,000 to the 75th Anniversary Fund, which finances current year (2023) ministry operations.


Join us now in celebrating and honoring 75 years of LCPC ministry by taking advantage of this Challenge Match opportunity and making your gift to the 75th Anniversary Fund!


LCPC has a strong and enduring ministry foundation, which has touched the lives of our congregation over the years and has made a deep impact on each of us and on so many others, near and far. Your generous giving to the 75th Anniversary Fund enables us to carry on our wide-reaching ministry to support and love families, individuals in our congregation who need care, mission partners, local outreach organizations, and friends and neighbors in our community.


Today, I ask you to reflect prayerfully upon how LCPC has had an impact on your life over these past 75 years. I also ask all of us to join together to ensure that LCPC ministry has the financial means to thrive now and for another 75 years.


Please respond to this Challenge Match before the conclusion of our 75th Anniversary year this September! Consider what you can give, above and beyond your normal giving: an extra $7.50 per week; a one-time gift of $75; $750; or even $7,500!


Thank you for considering giving in response to the 75th Anniversary Fund Challenge, helping us carry on LCPC ministry in 2023 and securely into the future!




Click on the video above to view a video of our 75th Anniversary Celebration held on February 5, 2023!