75th Anniversary Events!

We had an amazing 75th Anniversary Sunday! Below is a special video put together by our 75th Anniversary Planning Team and Eddie Meyers, LCPC's former Technical Operations Manager.

Ensure Another 75 Years of LCPC Amazing Ministry! Make your gift to the 75th Anniversary Fund!

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Once you have downloaded and filled out your commitment card, please mail it back to:

La Canada Presbyterian Church
626 Foothill Blvd.
La Canada, CA  91011

OR, you have received a hard copy of a commitment card in the mail to fill out and return.

Thank you!

We fondly and joyfully celebrate LCPC’s 75th Anniversary year! We join together with our LCPC community in grateful reflection on the past 75 years of amazing and life-changing ministry. How many lives have been changed and saved? How many people have come to know and follow Jesus Christ? How many people have been touched, healed, called, and served? How many of our dear loved ones have lived vital and impactful lives, thanks to the ministry of La Canada Presbyterian Church, founded in January 1948.

We think the answer is probably thousands! We all have a story, a reflection on what LCPC has meant to us, our families, friends and our community. We may have experienced God’s love in a baptism or communion, a wedding or a memorial service. It may have been in ministry with our children or youth, or grandchildren. It may have been in a Parent Ed class. It may have been in a Mariners community like Voyagers, or a men’s group, or couple’s group, or a woman’s group, a Life Group. It may have been in a choir, or a concert, or a Jazz Vesper service. It may have been at a retreat or an outreach event. It may have been in an act of service like Lay Counselling or Stephen Ministry. It may have been on a ministry team, or a management team, an MST, or a committee, or Deacons, or Session. It may have been a conversation or a comment or a sermon or a friendship or time of prayer or singing in worship. It may have been attending All Church Camp…. so many ways we all have been deeply touched and loved by God in and through LCPC.

Today, we ask you to reflect prayerfully upon how LCPC has impacted your life over these past 75 years. And, I ask you to join together to ensure that LCPC ministry has the financial means to thrive in 2023 with our new Pastor Ross Purdy’s leadership, even for another 75 years.

Please come alongside one another in our community of faith and make a special contribution to the LCPC 75th Anniversary Fund.

Thank you in advance for your love, trust and faithful support of the next 75 years of LCPC ministry!

With grateful appreciation for your prayers, presence, service, stories and generosity. “God loves cheerful and happy givers.”

May God’s Spirit cause you to thrive and grow in depth and outreach, giving you courage to present yourselves and your resources as living sacrifices to the Glory of God in Jesus Christ for today and future generations!

See graphic below for more upcoming 75th Anniversary events!

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