Prayer of Examen Transcript

Welcome to the Prayer of Examen

Together let us prepare our hearts to review the day.

To begin, I invite you to inhale deeply, acknowledging that your breath is bringing life to every
part of your body; As you exhale, release your anxieties, relaxing and slowing your breath.

Breathe in God’s welcome, exhale your welcome to God.

Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you open yourself to God’s presence in your everyday

As you continue to relax into your breathing, begin to let go of the noise cluttering your mind.
Over the next 2 minutes let your mind drift back to when you first awakened this morning, walk
through your day as it unfolded, noticing what made you feel alive.

You may wish to place your hand over your heart as you ask God to bring to your heart the
moment today when you felt most alive. The moment when you were most able to give and
receive love.

Ask yourself what was said and done in that moment that made it so special.

Breathe in the gratitude you felt and receive life again from that moment.

As you walked through your day, were there times that were life limiting? When you were least
able to give and receive love.

Be with whatever you feel without trying to change or fix it in any way. This is a time of noticing.
Take deep breaths and let God’s love fill you just as you are.

Give thanks to God for walking with you as you reviewed your day.

Loving Gracious God, we thank you for inviting us to bring all of ourselves to you. Our lives and
loves, success and failures, our beauty and our broken-ness because you love us just as we
are. We’ve entered into this time with you in the hopes of growing, the kind of growing that
brings us into who you created us to be. Help us to stay open to your active presence in our
lives and grateful for our tomorrows.