A Special Opportunity to Help URM!

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There is a name for those who use their time, money, and energy to help neighbors in need. Be a Hero X2! A GENEROUS DONOR JUST ANNOUNCED THAT HE WILL MATCH UP TO $500K of ALL OVER-THE-EDGE DONATIONS! HELP US FINISH STRONG BY PARTICIPATING OR DONATING TODAY.


It's not just a costume/cosplay when you do the hero stuff. Go #URMOVERTHEEDGE or support participants. We depend entirely on you. You are why we can always say yes and never say no to families that need shelter. We even send an Uber if they need a lift to the Union Rescue Mission. And I can always say yes because of you. -- Andy Bales, URM President & CEO

Soaring Eagles team
LCPC Parent Ed Director, Anne Bierling, and her family will be going OVER THE EDGE (rappelling down the Universal Hilton) again this Saturday  (Oct 1st) to raise money for Union Rescue Mission,  a LCPC mission partner!  Last year, our team raised over 44k helping URM raise 1.125M.  If you are interested in supporting this effort, click on the link and go to DONATE, find a team/participant, and insert our team name  SOARING EAGLES (based on Isaiah 40:31).
Donate by Sunday, Oct 2nd @ midnight, for your donation to be doubled: https://p2p.onecause.com/urmovertheedge2022