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Friends of Forman’s mission is to provide support to Forman Christian College (FCCU) in Lahore, Pakistan. FCCU is helping to make God’s love visible in the world’s fifth most populous and second largest Muslim nation.

Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan is a place of peace, academic excellence, harmony, and hope. Amidst this developing nation’s bustling and often chaotic city of 14 million people, is a lush campus –a beautiful108-acre oasis. It was founded by Presbyterian missionary, Dr. Charles Forman, in 1864. The second oldest academic institution and first liberal arts university in the country, FCCU’s student body of 8,800+ is vibrant and thriving. 88% Muslim and 12% Christian -- at Forman, everyone matters, and every voice is respected and heard in a way that happens no other place in all of Pakistan. Students, faculty, and administration alike live out a model of interfaith harmony, as together Muslims and Christians exemplify the Forman motto, “By love serve one another.”

FCCU sustains an environment where Christians and Muslims are allowed to live and study side-by-side, many for the first time. Students come to know each other as individuals, and old misconceptions fall away. Education brings awareness and acceptance, meaningful employment, and lasting change. Literacy rates are increased. Individuals and families are elevated, and the ripples of change gain momentum, guiding the way to a more peaceful future in Pakistan and beyond.

“Forman Christian College is bringing peace to a place often thought of as a place of unrest.”

– Rev. Dr. Tom Taylor, President and CEO, Presbyterian Foundation

Education can be an agent for change. In Pakistan, Christians are a marginalized minority (1.5%), with very few options available to them except for the most menial unwanted jobs and little interaction with the predominant culture.

Forman Christian College is changing that.

You are offering these young Christians the opportunity to break the cycle of generational poverty, find meaningful jobs in every sector of society, and thus bring the presence of the risen Christ into the majority society in ways that otherwise were impossible.

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