Our Staff

Front Row, L to R: Jan Roberts, Rebekah Garcia, Jana Van Dyck, Anne Bierling, Nanette Brown   Back Row, L to R: Sarah Montes, Amanda Baughman, Paige Thatcher, Jina Khachik, Heather Ehrhart, Paige Dunbar  Not pictured: Tracy Tobias, Sloan Walsh, Sophia Boss, Nicole Ravana


Anne Bierling, MA/MFT, Director of Parent Education Program, author, speaker and mom of 3.

Amanda Baughman, a 2 year Parent Ed instructor, brings her experience as a certified labor doula as well as BS in Psychology and MA in Cross Cultural Studies and mom of 3 to teach the Older Babies class.

Nanette Brown, 23 year Parent Ed instructor, former high school teacher and mom of 7, is back in action teaching her acclaimed Infant Class, Non-separating Toddlers and New Babies (2nd semester only).

Paige Dunbar, 4 year Parent Ed instructor, former elementary teach and mom of 3, brings her creativity and teaching experience to the Parent Express Tween Class.

Heather Ehrhart, 2 year Parent Ed instructor, licensed MFT and mom of 3, will be teaching our time tested Two’s Class.

Rebekah Garcia, LCSW, trained spiritual director and mom of 3 joins the team to teach the lively Friday Family Class.

Jan Roberts, 26 year Parent Ed instructor, parent coach, parenting columnist and mom of 3, teaches her highly regarded Parents of Tweens (for parents of 5th-8th grades).

Tracy Tobias, 4 year Parent Ed instructor, former health educator and mom of 3, teaches two sections of Parents of High Schoolers (for parents of 9th-12th grades).

Sloan Walsh, 12 year Parent Ed instructor, former elementary teacher, literacy specialist and mom of 3, teaches Parenting 3-4’s and Parenting Elementary Kids (for parents of K-4th grades).

Teaching Assistants

Jina Khachik, mom of 3, assisting in Two’s

Sophia Boss, assisting in Wednesday & Thursday Non-Separating Toddlers

Nicole Ravana, assisting in Two’s Class

Vicki Rekedal, mom of 3, assisting in Family Class

Paige Thatcher, mom of 2, assisting in Parenting 3-4’s and Family Class

Jana Van Dyck, mom of 2, assisting in Babies, New Babies, Older Babies, Non-Separating Toddlers, and Family Class

Our Board

Front Row (L to R): Charlotte Miller, Betsy Farhat, Meg Wade, Maggie Mason, Darby Pearson Back Row (L to R): Lynne Graves, Ashley Barrett, Angela Shepherd-Isagholian, Katie Enney, Anne Bierling, Carol Van Citters, Hillary Clayburgh, Ashley Smith

Our all volunteer board provides invaluable support to the Parent Education program through fundraising, marketing, community building, and our annual Gala. The 2017-2018 board members are:

Ashley Barrett, Hillary Clayburgh, Katie Enney, Lynne Graves, Maggie Mason, Charlotte Miller, Angela Shepherd-Isagholian, Ashley Smith, Carol Van Citters- Board Chair, Meg Wade

Our Ministry Support Team

Front Row (L to R): Melanie Frey, Meg Wade, Mikki Weightman Back Row (L to R): Carol Van Citters, Lynne Graves, Katrina Harbers, Anne Bierling, Sarah Nagel, Kathy Kovalcik