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Our 2023 Ministry Fund Pledge Campaign celebrates 75 years of Christ the Cornerstone ministry commitments, the foundation upon which we will build for a successful future! We’ve weathered many changes, trials and challenges over the past 75 years, and we will carry on with your help – our generous congregation.

We have so much for which to be thankful, as we enter into LCPC’s 75th anniversary year. LCPC has such a strong and enduring ministry foundation, as I have highlighted through my Fall sermon series on the 11 core attributes of LCPC.

These attributes, including Family, Generosity, Small Groups, Mission, Discipleship and 6 others, have touched the lives of our congregation over the years, and made a deep impact on so many others, near and far. Your generous giving to the 2023 Ministry Fund enables us to carry these on into 2023 and ensure that LCPC is indeed Built to Last!

As I announced on Nov 6 at Celebration Sunday, we are so very thankful to the over 100 congregants who pledged in excess of $900,000 to the 2023 Ministry Fund thus far. For others, it is not too late to submit your pledge! All pledges of any amount are welcome and appreciated!

Blessings and thanks for the faithful generosity of our congregation now, and for the next 75 years!

With grateful Appreciation,


There are 3 ways you can fill out your PLEDGE CARD!

  1. You received a Pledge Card in the mail, which you can fill out manually and return to LCPC either via mail or in the offering plate.
  2. However, if you wish to download a "fillable" pledge card, you can do so by clicking on the button below labeled "DOWNLOAD A PLEDGE CARD," filling it out, SAVING it as a document and emailing the filled out card back to
  3. If you wish to donate directly from a ready-made form, you may do so by clicking on the button below labeled "CLICK HERE TO GIVE DIRECTLY THROUGH A FORM." This form will automatically be forwarded to Michael Bonner in the Business Office.


For 75 years, LCPC has been a church, where Christ has been the cornerstone of who we are and all we do. LCPC has a core identity that makes it unique and special.  On September 11, I began preaching on 11 Core Identity Characteristics (Core Values) that have been the solid foundation upon which LCPC has been built since 1947.   These unique and special factors continue to sustain us today!

These 11 core identity characteristics include:

  • We Worship and Follow the Lamb Who is the Rock
  • Centeredness in Jesus Christ
  • Biblical Authority in the Reformed Tradition
  • Worship that Prompts Mission
  • Life Together in Small Groups
  • Disciples Formed into Maturity in Christ
  • Becoming a Disciplined Generous People
  • Shared Leadership of Women and Men
  • Living and Sharing the Good News of Jesus
  • God-sourced Human Reconciliation and Justice
  • Family Households of Belonging, Growth and Service.