Hi Parents,

During this time of new waves and continued pandemic-life, we hope to connect with your family whether you join us in person or online.  On this page, you'll find video resources similar to a typical Sunday morning experience in The Trail, as well as information about what's happening in person.

Our suggestion with these videos is to watch them together as a family and engage your kids in the activties and some discussion. (Grandparents or family members can be great at helping do this over Zoom/video chat, too!).  Of course we totally understand if you want to use these videos to keep kids occupied while you get something done, too!



(New Playlsits Uploaded Each Week, Click the Links Below to Access Videos.)

PreK/K Videos

1st-4th Grade Videos

5th-6th Grade Videos


We also have a Time for Young Christians with mini lessons, challenges and Family Ministry updates as part of each live-streamed worship service.


Infant-6th graders are welcome to join us for in-person programming during at 9:00AM or 10:30AM. Masks for ages 2 and up are required.  For specific questions about drop off locations or how programming works, email katie@lacanadapc.org.

Artboard 1-100

We are so excited for our new Wednesday night programming!  All 4th-12 graders are invited to hang out at church each Wednesday night from 3pm-9pm.  The Bridge will meet from 4-5:30pm, and 4th graders are now invited to attend! The rest of the time is filled with homework, dinner, and fun time.  Choir for 4th-6th meets from 6:30-7:30pm, outdoors.  (To register go here.) Starting later in the fall, some Parent Ed and other special classes will be available on Wednesday evenings for adults. We're looking forward to this opportunity to experiment with how we do weeknight programming and intergenerational ministry!

Merge is being offerred for free to all students, and friends are encouraged to attend. We are requesting donations to help cover the cost of dinner, snacks, supplies and hourly staff.  To contribute, please visit this link .  For questions or more info please contact heather@lacanadapc.org.