Minutes of the 10/10/21 Meeting of the Congregation

October 10, 2021

The meeting of the congregation of the La Cañada Presbyterian Church convened remotely via
Zoom teleconferencing at 1:02 p.m. A quorum was present.

Moderator Gareth Icenogle welcomed the congregation and stated the purposes of the meeting:
• To approve the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) Nominating Committee’s
recommendation to expand the PNC slate to 10 people (from 9).
• To approve the Pastor Nominating Committee as recommended by the PNC Nominating
Committee, and comprised of members nominated by the congregation at large.

Voting instructions were provided by Moderator Gareth Icenogle following an opening prayer
given by Pastor Chuck Osburn.

Mike Gibney, Chair of the Pathway Task Group (PTG), was introduced. Mike presented an
update on where we are on the Path to the PNC process as well as the approved criteria used, and
the approved process followed to nominate the PNC. He also described the high-level guidelines
used for the initial vetting of PNC candidates.

Mike then publicly thanked the PNC Nominating Committee members (Clarissa Weirick, Cindy
Olah, Dick Kleinert, Robert Cha, Sarah Stehly, Meg Wade, and Lynne Graves) who have met at
least weekly for the past four months working together on this process.

The proposed PNC was presented and includes:
• Kevin Bowman
• Megan Coleman
• Greg Cook
• Chris Duryee
• Lynne Graves
• Diane Jun
• Mary McMullin
• Mike Murphy
• Rosiris Paniagua
• James Van Slyke
Brief biographies of the PNC were provided.

Moderator Gareth Icenogle opened the meeting to questions/discussion specifically regarding the
motion to approve the PNC Nominating Committee’s recommendation to expand the PNC slate
to 10 people.

The congregation VOTED and APPROVED to expand the PNC slate to 10 people.
(Yes = 168 votes; No = 5 votes; Abstain = 4 votes)