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The call to “Draw Near” to God is as important as ever, and so, we’re extending the 15 x 5 challenge! We want to challenge you to make or extend your commitment for the next 8-week period into Advent and through Christmas, to continue to spend 15 x 5 in prayer and solitude.
We have a few things to support you in this commitment:
  • We have created a Resource Guide for Prayer and Solitude booklet containing prayers, quotes, and, spiritual practices to try. It is a great companion to your Bible for the time that you are spending alone with God. These are available for pickup in front of the ministry hub. Contact Barbara Pettit ( if you are unable to make arrangements to pick up one of these resource guides. Click here for an online version of the Resource Guide.
  • We have created a Prayer Journal for you to use as part of your practice of prayer and solitude. The “Practices” section of the Resource Guide booklet has a variety of ideas for what can be in a prayer journal, so even if you’re “not a journaler” you might find ways to use it to deepen your prayer life. These are also available to be picked up in front of the ministry hub.
  • We will continue to offer some “Drawing Near” suggestions via Sunday emails similar to what you received for this last challenge (but often referring you to the Resource Guide booklet).
To sign up for the next 8-week challenge, fill in the form below! If you are already signed up, no need to do so again. We will begin sending the Drawing Near emails this Sunday.
We would be so encouraged to hear from you about how you are noticing God at work in you through this commitment to prayer and solitude. Please email either or both of us to let us know how God is working in your life.

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you." -James 4:8

15x5 challenge

This verse from James indicates there is something required of us in order to cultivate a sense of God’s nearness. What is required? At the top of the list are silence and solitude.

By signing up for the 15X5 Challenge, you are committing to trying 15 minutes of silence and solitude, 5 days a week. God can do a lot with this commitment! Silence helps us listen for the “still small voice” of God. Solitude, which is different than merely being alone, is the intentional space we create to be in conversation with the God who made us and gave himself for us. It is the “being still” that enables us to know God’s nearness (Psalm 46:10).

Simply enter your name and email address below, and you will receive weekly emails offering guidance for the week as you practice silence and solitude.

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