Beginning September 8, we moved to two worship services on Sunday morning: Traditional Worship at 9 am, and Contemporary Worship at 10:30 am.

This is an exciting change that will support our Mission to be and make disciples of Jesus and our Mission Priorities (Families, Millennial Adults, and the 7-Mile Radius around our church). Session and staff have reached this decision after an intentional and prayerful process, and based on feedback from all of you.

This change will enable us to:

  • Have increased fellowship with each other after each service
    (“Belong” is the first part of our Discipleship Model). Time between services will accommodate connections between those who worship at different services, and an earlier Contemporary Service enables better belonging after that service.
  • Optimize times for our worship service
    When surveyed, we found that 9 am and 10:30 am were the best times for our community to attend worship. We’ve learned that 11 am is a challenging time to attend worship due to the late time that service ends. This is particularly true for families, who are one of our Mission Priorities.
  • Create space to add an additional contemporary worship service in the future
    This service will likely be in the evening and will be distinct from the 10:30 service. It will be designed to build on the other ventures our church is working on to connect with Millennial Adults, which is one of our Mission Priorities.


  1. Are we changing worship styles?
    We are not. We will continue to offer two excellent worship services, traditional and contemporary.
  2. Will parking be a problem?
    We have anticipated this and are developing a plan. We also will have additional handicap spots available in our church lot at 9 am.
  3. Will the Sanctuary be too crowded at 9 am?
    It will undoubtedly be more cozy! However, the Sanctuary is large enough to accommodate the amount of people we are anticipating, and some people who regularly attended our 9:25 service, because of time preference, may now opt to regularly attend the 10:30 service.
  4. How will this change impact our budget?
    We are not making this change to save money. Any savings will be re-invested so as to further our Mission and Mission Priorities.