Let’s begin with CELEBRATION!

The 2022 Alternative Christmas Market was a success because of YOU. This annual event is a collaboration of volunteers, staff, Outreach Partners, and donors coming together to be a part of God’s good work in the world.

First, we are excited to celebrate our volunteers who helped make it possible!!!
We were particularly blessed by the hard work of:

Janice Assink Cari Hall Gerson Muñoz Gary Swaner
Helene Battistoni Kathleen Hoback Michael & Marianne Murphy Meg Wade
Lauren Diehl Diane Jun Mary Emily Myers Clarissa Weirick
Margaret Evans Christine Lee Linda Nydam Dianne Whiting
Ana Gan Jenny Ling Rosiris Paniagua Dudley & Roberta Woodberry
Susan Gentilucci Janice Lowe Karen Roddy Hospitality Team led by Gloria Rodriguez & Grace Cho
Kelly Green Sally Mack Scott Somers DSCPL youth
Tim Grochow Steve Markonich Carolyn Stradling Jon Barstad Sr.


Special thanks also go to several LCPC staffers who did so much the behind-the-scenes work:
Gloria Hill, Valerie Williams, Barbara Pettit, Arcelia Clementson, Michael Bonner, Esther Cha, Lisa Corbett, Sam Holt & the Facilities Team, Jo Lynn Bolton, and Cody Blair.

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our many contributors!  More than 90 people contributed to the Alternative Christmas Market. Your donations, along with the $7,500 by our matching donor in celebration of 75 years of LCPC ministry, means 24 of our Local and Global Outreach Partners will receive $66,000 for their work in 2023.

Finally, it is our joy to celebrate our Outreach Partners. We are humbled by the work they do and honored they come to LCPC for two Sundays in December to participate in the market, answer our questions, and share their stories.

When we come together to love God and love God’s people, we can do great things. Together, we are helping provide medical care, homeless services, education and leadership development, church planting and missionary support, mentoring and tutoring to God’s people in our community and around God’s beautiful world.

Thank you so much for all you did to make the 2022 Alternative Christmas Market a success.


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