In the fall of 2019, La Cañada Presbyterian Church launched a new outreach initiative: “Thriving Children; Thriving Families.” This initiative centers on four of our outreach partners, in and around Northwest Pasadena, whose focus is supporting children and/or families.  We hope to build relationships that help create an understanding between our different life experiences and dedicate ourselves - time, talent and treasure - to loving our neighbors and shining Christ’s light in ways that help the children and families of northwestern Pasadena thrive.  Recognizing that we are “sent” by God, we are exploring ways that we as a congregation are sent to love our nearby neighbors.

Thriving Initiative Partners

Thriving Initiative Partners

We started out this initiative by focusing our efforts on existing Local Outreach partners who are serving in northwestern Pasadena and focused on helping children and families thrive!  We began by getting to know them and learn what they’re up to through the Come and See Progressive Meals. Then we got to know them better through various opportunities for service and relationship building during the Love Our Neighbor Days. We are continue to promote additional opportunities to learn more and further these partnerships through one-time and ongoing service opportunities. If you missed the Come and See Progressive Meals where we heard from these partners, we recorded those presentations which you can watch using the buttons below.

Door of Hope

Founded in 1985, Door of Hope’s mission is to equip families and children experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives. Unlike most homeless service organizations where families are separated, the Door of Hope program keeps the family unit together as they work towards their end goal of achieving permanent housing. Door of Hope has an 82% success rate with families who graduate from the program. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Elizabeth House

Elizabeth House was founded in 1994 to address an unmet community need: shelter and services for pregnant women experiencing homelessness and their vulnerable children. When women walk through their doors for the first time, they become family, and they do their best to empower these women to break the cycles of homelessness and meet their potential. Through shelter and lifelong support, Elizabeth House empowers pregnant and parenting women in need to reclaim their lives and build successful family legacies. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Harambee Ministries

For over 37 years, Harambee Ministries has served a 12-block target area in Northwest Pasadena, CA. Centered at Howard St. and Navarro Ave., the location was once called “blood corner,” but with decades of love, dedication and service, it has improved conditions for kids, students, families and the greater community. “Harambee” means “let’s get together and push” in Swahili. Their programs nurture and equip leadership that will holistically minister to the community by sharing Biblical truths as they seek to educate, empower, disciple and grow Christian leaders who will uplift and effect positive, sustainable change in their families, the community and beyond. Click on the buttons below to learn more.


Stars Mentoring

As a faith-based nonprofit, Stars (formerly Lake Avenue Community Foundation) is unleashing the God-given potential of children, youth, and families in vulnerable communities, providing the tools necessary to thrive academically, emotionally, economically and spiritually. Click on the buttons below to learn more.


While we are emphasizing these four outreach partners, we see YOU as our key partner in this effort! Get involved through relationship-building and service opportunities for all ages, abilities, and schedules that we’ll be promoting. We also encourage you to be creative and find your own way that God is calling you to invest in children and families in our 7-mile radius.  Coach a sports team, serve on the PTA or the board of a non-profit. Listen for how God is SENDING you!

In fall 2019, we completed “Love Our Neighbor Days.” Click on the slide below for photos and an update.