Did you know that you can login to access your LCPC profile and giving record from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer?

  1. Propose changes to update your contact information.
  2. Upload your own picture.
  3. Monitor your giving and print your own statements.
  4. Opt in to the LCPC Church Directory and connect within the LCPC community.

If you are a regular participant or member at LCPC, you are invited to activate your user account and “opt in” to the LCPC Online Directory. User accounts are secure and available only to active participants and members of LCPC. The LCPC Church Directory only includes, and is only available to, those who “opt in.” Once you “opt in,” the LCPC Church Directory functions just like the Contacts app on your phone – a very convenient way to stay connected.

You may access your account through a web browser (https://lcpc.shelbynextchms.com) or download the ShelbyNext Membership app for access on your smartphone. Please note that while the mobile app is a convenient way to connect with one another at LCPC, there will be more features available to you through a web browser for managing your account and giving information.

Accessing ShelbyNext Membership through a Mobile App

  1. Download ShelbyNext Membership from your App Store and install.
  2. Sign In:
    a) type “lcpc” where it says “domain"
    b) Username will usually be in the following format - “firstname.lastname” (Contact the church office if you have trouble – 818.790.6708.)
    c) The first time you log in click on “Forgot Password?” and one will be automatically generated and emailed to you using the email we have in your record. You may change your password once you are logged in.

LCPC Church Directory

  1. You may opt in/opt out of our LCPC Church Directory through a web browser, not through the mobile app. Once you have opted in to the Directory you may view members of the directory on your mobile app. You may also contact the church office and we can do it for you.
  2. Through the LCPC Church Directory, you may view member pictures, contact information and family trees.
  3. To opt in or out of the LCPC Church Directory:
    a) Go to https://lcpc.shelbynextchms.com and log in, using the same username/password you use for the mobile app.
    NOTE: If this is your first time to login, use steps b and c (in bold) above.
    b) Click on the “Groups” link in the navigation bar along the left side of your screen.
    c) At the bottom, under “Group”, you will see “LCPC Church Directory” and an option to “Join” (blue button). Click on the “Join” button. To opt out of the directory, the “Join” button will have become “Leave” and when you click on it you will no longer be in or have access to the LCPC Church Directory.
    d) Return to your profile by clicking on the circle with your initials in the top right corner of the screen.