Meet Our Staff

Amanda Baughman
Parent Education Assistant Director- Ext 205

Amanda joined the staff as an instructor and administrative assistant in 2016. She is married and has 3 school-aged children.  Amanda has a background in psychology and a Masters from Fuller Seminary. With over a decade of experience working with women and families as a doula, parent educator, and community coordinator, she brings her passion for community, connection and learning to her daily work and interactions with parents and children.

Anne Bierling
Parent Education Director

Anne Bierling (MA, MFT) has been in the industry of helping families thrive for over 30 years! As a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  (MFT) and former high school teacher and administrator, Bierling has had broad experience working closely with families.  She is currently the Director of LA’s popular LCPC Parent Education which offers 22 classes for parents & grandparents of children 0-18 years old:  LCPC Education was featured in Outreach Magazine in January of 2017.

While working as a family therapist at the Shepherd’s House in the 90s, Bierling and her colleagues wrote The Life Model (1999) which has been translated into 11 languages and endorsed by the world-renowned author, Dr. Dallas Willard. A major component of the Life Model includes The Maturity Model which Anne speaks on frequently.  You can watch her live conference on maturity entitled “Living the Life Model” at Vimeo. (password: Director@91011)

Anne has 3 adult children and has been married over 30 years.

Betty Bredemann
Parent Education Administrative Assistant
Cathy Lukesh
Teaching Assistant
Daniela Kim

Daniela Kim has been a member of LCPC Parent Ed program since 2008. She is married to her husband Daniel Kim for 14 years and have four children ages 13 to 6 years old. She graduated from CSUN with a child development major. She began as a TA for the Toddler classes and began teaching Babies and Spring Infants in 2021. She says “Parent Ed continues to teach me to be a better mom and I can’t thank enough to this program what it has done for me and my family.”

Ellen Mackle
Teaching Assistant
Heather Ehrhart
Substitute Instructor

Heather Ehrhart has been a member of the Parent Ed team since 2015. She and her husband of 19 years, Kevin, are the parents of three children - college to elementary. Heather graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Psychology, a B.A. in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Following graduation, she trained in multiple mental health settings before becoming a Children’s Social Worker for the Department of Children and Family Services.  Heather is currently very active in the local community and local schools, acting as event chair and board chair for numerous organizations.  Kevin, Heather and their children are also active members of LCPC.  Heather has volunteered as a Sunday School teacher, served on the Parent Ed board and chaired Vacation Bible School. Regarding Parent Ed, Heather states, “When I was a new mother, Parent Ed helped me navigate through a very overwhelming chapter in my life.  It is where I met friends who have now become like family to me, and who have walked alongside me on my parenting journey. To now be a small part of helping other parents walk through their parenting journey is such an honor and a privilege for me.”

Jan Roberts
Jan was in the very first Parent Ed class in 1978, participating with all of her daughters through the years and eventually joining the staff in 1992. This year she is beginning her 30th year as instructor.  She originated the PEK, Tweens, Teens, and Grand-Parenting classes.  Jan graduated from Whitworth University with a degree in English Literature and a teaching credential.  She taught at Palm Crest Elementary in La Canada, been an instructor in "Active Parenting" at Descanso Pediatrics,  wrote "The Parent Coach" column in the La Canada Outlook Newspaper for 13 years, and offers individual Parent Coaching and classes for parents of college students.  Jan says, "It is a privilege to share up-to-date parenting and grandparenting concepts, and help grandparents evaluate the kind of love-legacy they want to leave their grandchildren. Jan is the mother of 3 adult daughters, and a proud grandmother of 7 grandchildren.
Jana Van Dyck
Teaching Assistant

Jana Van Dyck joined the Parent Ed staff in 2010.  She and her husband, Dennis, have two kids and one grandson.  Jana grew up in La Cañada and attended LCPC, where her love for teaching and guiding children began by teaching Sunday School. Jana attended Grossmont College and San Diego State University, majoring in Child Development. She was a Girl Scout leader for 9 years, a Boy Scout mom and a Chaplin for 8 years before landing at Parent Ed as a teacher's aide.  She says "I am honored to work with the teachers here.  I have T.A.'ed for the Baby and Older Babies classes, the Non-Separating Toddlers class, the Two-Year Olds class and the Family class.  I also T.A. for the summer school family classes and Vacation Bible school. I love what I do!  I watch the kids while moms and dads get excellent information regarding their children.  I love to help kids transition from mama and daddy's arms to feeling comfortable with me, then comfortable enough to play with me outside and separate from their parents in preparation for pre-school. I love the Lord and your kids!"

Jenn Kliewer

Jenn Kliewer  has been involved in Parent Ed since 2010 as participant, board member, and after moving out of the area…currently an online participant! She has been married to her husband Jeff for 15 years and has two children, Alexa Joy and Brett.  Jenn received a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Westmont College, a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Chapman University, and a Life Coaching Certification from Life Purpose Institute.  She has been a pediatric physical therapist for 23 years and recently shifted her career to life coaching.  She is passionate about getting to the root of issues (physically and emotionally) and helping others pursue their hopes and dreams. Because of her passion for LCPC Parent Education, she commutes from San Diego once a week to teach for our program. Jenn shares:  "Parent Ed has been priceless to me so I consider it an honor to now be a teacher for a program that continues to enrich my life.  Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging career for me and I can’t imagine doing it without the love, support, and wisdom from this wonderful community.”

Jennifer Gordon
Teaching Assistant
Katy Riddell

Katy joined the Parent Ed team in 2018 as a substitute before becoming the Two's class instructor. Katy and her husband Jeff have been married for 14 years and have 3 children, 8 year old twins and a 5 year old.  Katy graduated from Whitworth University with a B.S. in Psychology and has a Masters in Marriage and Family from Fuller Theological Seminary.  After earning her degree Katy worked in multiple mental health settings, including schools in Central California and Washington State, working primarily with children. After having moved multiple times with young children Katy was grateful to find a supportive community in Parent Education. Katy feels privileged to be apart of supporting other mothers as they walk through such a wonderful, yet challenging part of life.

Nanette Brown

Nanette has been teaching for LCPC's Parent Education for 24 years and was a participant for 10 years prior to that. She’s been married to Fritz for 36 years raising 7 children ages 36-23 and now they enjoy 7 brilliant grandchildren. They pastor a church for the homeless in Pasadena’s Central Park.  Nanette graduated with a degree in Child Development from Cal Poly SLO and earned a Secondary Credential from Cal State LA.  Prior to raising her family, she taught Home Economics at Pasadena High School. Nanette says, “my passion as a mother and instructor has been to encourage parents in their attachment with each of their children. Being a student of your child is a time-consuming and highly-rewarding ingredient for healthy parenting.  Marriage, co-parenting and family life can be very challenging. It is my privilege to walk alongside parents in my classes as they discover what is best for their family as we learn to be intentional in our parenting.”

Paula Giboney
Teaching Assistant

Paula began working with the Parent Ed team the summer of 2018. She and her husband, Paul, have been married 26 years and have 3 daughters from middle school to college.  Paula has a B.S. in Marketing and a Masters in Family Studies.  She served as Children’s Minister in a multi-ethnic, urban church for 18 years prior to joining our PE staff.  Paula loves to engage and thoughtfully play with our children as a Teacher's Assistant.  She says, "Parent education classes have blessed me, and my family. It is a time of sharing and encouraging one another as parents. Just as I take my girls to their activities to practice and improve, so these classes have helped me to be intentional and grow as a woman, wife and mother.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of equipping our LCPCPE families to find joy and purpose in parenting.”

Sarah Montes

Sarah Montes joined the Parent Ed team in 2017 and has been a Parenting Instructor for the Three and Four year olds, Elementary Age Kids and a TA in the Toddlers and Two’s classes.  She and her husband have three children, all of whom participated in the program for many years.  Sarah graduated from Santa Clara University before completing a Masters in Elementary Education, Teaching Credential and Reading Specialist Credential.  She has worked in both private and public elementary school in and around the the Los Angeles area as a Teacher.  She specialized as a Preschool Teacher in Altadena before returning to Parent Education at LCPC.  “Returning full circle to the program that shaped my personal parenting journey has been incredibly rewarding.  Teaching alongside some of the women who helped guide and inform my own parenting is such a blessing in my life.”

Sloan Walsh

Sloan has been teaching Parent Education at LCPC since 2001. She has taught classes for parents of Toddlers, Three and Four Year Olds, Elementary Age Kids, and Tweens in addition to a class on Parenting Children with Exceptional Needs. She brings a wealth of experience from years in the classroom as a bilingual teacher and literacy specialist.  A mother of three, Sloan is passionate about working with parents and children and seeing them thrive in their lives and families.

Teresa Chiu
Instructor and Teaching Assistant
Tracy Tobias

Tracy began working for Parent Ed teaching Parents of High Schoolers in 2013.  As a stay-at-home mom, Tracy participated in the program from Babies to Teens for 20 years.  Parent Ed was a guiding force in her spiritual and parenting journey, as well as the source of lifelong friendships.  She has been married for over 30 years, survived raising 3 teens into thriving adults and enjoys every opportunity she gets to spend with Rachel, Jeff, and Nicki. Tracy graduated from UCSB with a degree in Physiological Psychology and earned a Masters in Public Health from UCLA.  Her professional life emphasized issues related to Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health. "It is a tremendous privilege to mentor parents through this exciting and challenging time of growing teenagers into young adults." Tracy is grateful for the opportunity to nurture parents’ spirits and inspire them to enjoy the journey and the great blessings of parenting.

Vicki Rekedal

Vicki joined the Parent Ed team in 2017 as a teaching assistant before moving to teaching. She and her husband have lived in the Pasadena area for over 2 decades where they raised their 3 daughters. Vicki is a graduate of Biola University and is a Brain Trainer, working with clients ages 5 to adult. She has several additional certifications and has been working with children and families in many capacities for over 20 years.  Vicki enjoys healthy eating and slow-process food preparation as well as hiking, fitness, camping, family game nights and chocolate.

Our Board

Our all volunteer board provides support to the Parent Education program through fundraising, marketing, community building and annual celebrations.

The 2022-23 board members are Katrina Harbers (chair), Elizabeth Angiuli, Ashley Barrett, Erin Brown, Stephanie Ferguson, Lauren Gallidoro, Annie Hewett, Natalie Hubbard, Carrie Kingston, Charlotte Miller, Meredith Min, Sarah New, Amber Gerhardt-Serrano, Monica Skeehan, and Natasha Wood.



The Ministry Support Team supports and advises the Parent Education Board and Staff. The MST is comprised of former board members, the director, the current board chair, the treasurer, and the LCPC Parent Education elder- with a majority being LCPC members.

The 2022-2023 MST members are Anne Bierling, Debbie Barsom, Kathy Kovalcik, Katrina Harbers, Melanie Frey, Lynne Graves, and Monica Skeehan.