Post-Pandemic Spirituality 16x9

As we emerge from the pandemic, how do we go about finding God when we may still be filled with fear, grief and sadness? We have all experienced pandemic-related losses, both large and small, which may be stunting our spiritual growth. In this class, through learning and spiritual practice, we will begin to process those losses while we seek to find God in an even more meaningful way than before.

In a way, we have all gone through a dark night of the soul. In a dark night, the soul becomes disoriented from the world and disconnected from God. Similarly, due to the pandemic, we couldn’t participate in normal life, which was disorienting and painful. Plus, it was hard to understand where God was in all this. Healthy spirituality calls for us to acknowledge and process these losses. Yet, like the dark night, we hope to not only process our losses, but emerge from the losses deeper, wiser and more connected with God than ever. With hope, we can then look forward to our future (whether bright or uncertain) with trust and faith that God is present and with us.

This class is offered simultaneously in-person and online. To get the most out of the interactive nature of the class it’s best to participate “live.” But the class will be recorded so if you must miss class, you can watch the recording. We hope to see you there!

If you missed any of the classes, you can view them below. Subsequent classes will also be available to view here.

With the relaxing of most Covid19 restrictions, we wanted to respond to the many questions and anxieties being expressed as we move out of pandemic-dominated life.  How do we process what just happened, lessons learned, and moving forward?  So, Wednesday, June 9, at 7PM we offered a ZOOM webinar we called “Rebuilding Our Post-Pandemic Lives.” We were especially thrilled to have a panel of three experts from our congregation lead this presentation.  Dr. Skip Baker, a Physician, Cathie Bautista, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Dr. Scott Symington, a Psychologist.  If you missed that very informative Webinar, you can view it here.