Second Semester


Payments due 1/10/22. If you paid with a credit card, you will be automatically charged. If not, please make payment by 3pm on January 10, 2022.

Covid-19 Updates

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*all info subject to change based on county & church policy changes

Day Classes

Day classes meet for two 15-week semesters: September 14 to January 20 and January 25 to May 19.  In order to reserve your space for second semester, participants register for the whole year. However, participants can withdraw from second semester prior to January 10th by emailing the administrative assistant.  Prior to that, your credit card is not charged for second semester.

Low cost childcare is available during all scheduled classes. 

Express Classes

4-week, evening classes designed for parents who can not attend during the day. Classes meet from 7-8:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Low cost childcare available upon request. Additionally, church activities are available for some children on Monday and Wednesday nights. Registration is $100 for first registrant and $25 for each additional registrant in the same family.

Need to withdraw from a class? Need help registering for a class? Contact

Free Trial Class!

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