Ukranian Relief 16x9

Please join us in praying for the people of Ukraine and the terrible situation that continues to unfold in Eastern Europe. If you would like to respond to the resulting humanitarian crisis, we invite you to give to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Many of you know our Outreach Partner, Igors , who works with IFES in Latvia. Since the war began, Igors has been sending us regular reports containing first-hand reports from IFES staff in the impacted regions who are on the front lines assisting students and others who are in Ukraine as well as those fleeing the situation. Click here to read a message from the Secretary General of IFES and to find a link for how to give to help in their response. Another option is to give via Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). Click here for more information and here for a link to give via PDA.

David & Sharon Kealy – our Outreach Partners with “Reaching People Far from God” (now based in southern California) spent 10 years serving in and around Ukraine with Kyiv as their home base in the 1990s. They still have contact with ministries there. Watch the video they created about how they’re responding to the crisis.

You can learn more about their time in Ukraine and what they are hearing from their colleagues in Poland and how to help on David’s blog.