Through 16 global partnerships, LCPC is committed to supporting ministries that serve poor and unreached people worldwide, providing poverty relief and intervention, care for orphans, theological education, and church planting. Our partners are on the frontlines of global crises we often only hear about in the headlines. For instance, watch this video about the work of our global outreach among refugees, or consider getting involved below.

Global Trips.  Stay tuned for more information about potential upcoming trips.

Meet with Global Partners when they visit La Canada

You can invite Global Partners to meet with your family or small when they are in town.  We can arrange for you to meet as few as one and as many as ten global partners throughout the year.  LCPC’s missionary friends are always looking to make connections with our members.  Small groups can provide hospitality to these partners and learn about the important and exciting work they do across the world.

Give to “Faith Missions”

Through Faith Missions giving, we send out about $200,000 each year to 16 local and 16 global outreach partners in the form of grants ranging from $500-$20,000. “Faith Missions” giving is a gift you can make “above and beyond” your regular offering to the LCPC ministry budget. We believe we’re called to care not just for the people and ministries in our church, but the community and the world – and we want you to be a part of that. If you’d like to find out more about how to make “Faith Missions” giving part of your annual giving to LCPC, read more in the Faith Missions brochure and submit an I Will Promise Card, or click here to give online.

Adopt a Global Outreach Partner

You can adopt a specific global partner.  Receive email updates and prayer letters.  Learn about their ministry and pray for them during your small group.  You can even Skype with them occasionally.  Our partners are more than willing to accommodate a Skype phone call with your group.  They would also be happy to meet with you when they are in town and tell you about their exciting ministries face-to-face.

Pray for our Global Partners.  Use the list of our global partners to guide your prayers.


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